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Who are we?

At Pure Lifestyle, we focus on bringing you water purification systems that suit your needs, specializing in both Retail and Domestic use.

We have a creative and refreshing angle on water purification, and would love to add value to your life. It's not just the purification systems we install that matters, but how we go about it. We sincerely believe that when doing business with you, we are here to build a relationship with you along the way.

"Go on, taste what water is meant to taste like. It should be light, fresh and invigorating."

Who are you?

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Why not Tap Water?


With every glass of tap water we drink, we are unintentionally consuming copious amounts of contaminants potentially harmful to the body.


People who drink chlorinated water have a 93% higher risk of cancer than those who drink pure water.

Mineral water is not the healthy alternative

We think that mineral water is the healthy alternative to tap water. However, mineral water is exactly what it says it is - water jam-packed with minerals. 97% of minerals that are found in water are inorganic, which means that they are unusable to our bodies and cause mineral build-up. These build-ups cause kidney stones, gallstones, arthritis, heart disease and other illnesses.

So what do we drink? Water is essential for us to survive.

There is only one solution - Purified Water.

Why Purified Water?

There are various benefits to drinking purified water:

Brilliant taste that is soft on the palate
Improved health and vitality
Reduced risk of cancer
Positive effects on skin and hair
The best taste and nutrition out of your foods by cooking with purified water
Improved taste of all your beverages. Remember to make purified water ice blocks!
No limescale build up in your kettle or iron and other appliances (with RO* water)
An increased life of your car battery and radiator when filled up with purified water (with RO* water)

*RO = Reverse Osmosis


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